About IceGiant

Our Industrial Roots

Located in Austin, Texas, IceGiant originally designed the ProSiphon technology for use in data centers but quickly expanded to multiple power electronics applications.  More commonly known as a thermosiphon, ProSiphon technology is capable of supporting thermal loads from several watts to hundreds of kilowatts.


IceGiant is a thermal innovation company at heart and is excited to bring world-class thermal expertise to the enthusiast PC market.  The goal is to bring high-performance, cutting-edge solutions to the PC market that will enable better performance and higher reliability.

IceGiant technology
IceGiant thermal innovation company

The Beginning of the ProSiphon Elite

In 2019, a pilot run of 30 units was completed, where these prototype units were extensively tested both internally and by third-parties.

Based on lessons learned from the design and manufacturing of the prototype units, the ProSiphon Elite will be ready to ship in 2020 with a smaller condenser size but the same superior performance.

The ProSiphon Elite is only the beginning. We have an entire product road map planned that will tailor our ProSiphon technology to all types of users and CPUs. IceGiant is just getting started.

2019 ProSiphon Elite Prototypes

ProSiphon Elite Prototypes