Frequently Asked Questions about IceGiant's ProSiphon Elite

Can you ship outside the U.S.?

No, we are not shipping outside of the U.S. Please see our list of international retailers.

What is the difference between the ProSiphon Elite Prototype and the ProSiphon Elite?

The Prosiphon Elite is the same as the ProSiphon Elite Prototype- the only major difference is that the ProSiphon Elite will have a slimmer condenser.

If the ProSiphon Elite depends on gravity to return the liquid, how well will it work when it is oriented in a case (motherboard is vertical) versus sitting on an open bench setup (motherboard is horizontal)?

The ProSiphon Elite will perform similiarly in both orientations. One of the ways that the patented ProSiphon technology differentiates itself from previous thermosiphon designs is that it can operate in the vertical orientation. The 'ProSiphon Elite' page provides more information regarding orientation. However, the ProSiphon Elite cannot operate if the evaporator is completely above the condenser.

I've seen conflicting warranty information. What is the warranty?

The ProSiphon Elite has a warranty of 10 years (includes the fans). Previously, the warranty was 7 years and was changed once the final fans were chosen.

Will the ProSiphon Elite fit in my case?

The height of the ProSiphon Elite is 164 mm. The CPU clearance listed on your case specifications must be greater than 164 mm.

Can liquid metal be used with the Elite?

No. The ProSiphon Elite is 100% aluminum. If liquid metal is used with the Elite, the liquid metal and aluminum will react to form an alloy and permanently damage the Elite.

In 2019/2020, I made a deposit to reserve an Elite. How do I make my final payment?

Thank you for your early interest! Please email us at, and we will send you a discount code to purchase your Elite.

Is the ProSiphon Elite compatible with AMD's Threadripper PRO CPUs (WRX80 motherboards)?

Yes, the socket uses the same mounting hardware as that of the TR4/sTRX4 sockets and so, the Elite can be installed on WRX80 motherboards. However, currently, all of the Threadripper PRO motherboards have sockets that are rotated 90 degrees. Because the Elite relies on gravity to operate, its orientation is critical. The Elite cannot operate when it is installed on a Threadripper PRO motherboard that is vertical. The Elite will operate normally if the motherboard is horizontal (like a test bench).

What is the power draw of the Elite?

The maximum power draw occurs when the four fans are running at their maximum RPM at 12 V. With a max. current of ~0.12 A, the maximum power is 5.8 W (12 V x 0.12 A x 4 fans).