IceGiant ProSiphon Elite

Yes! The ProSiphon Elite is compatible with AMD's new Ryzen 5000 series processors (AM4 socket)! 

But will it cover my Threadripper chip (TR4/sTR4x sockets)???



Operational Orientation

Unlike a typical thermosiphon design, the patented ProSiphon technology is engineered to operate in either the horizontal or vertical orientation (with respect to the motherboard).


From Prototype to the ProSiphon Elite

In 2019, a pilot run of 30 units was completed, where the primary goals were to burn down manufacturing risks and prove thermal performance- both of these goals were successful. 

Based on the prototype design, the design for the production ProSiphon Elite was modified to ensure a smaller condenser size.


To maintain the same thermal performance, the following design changes were made:

  • A third condenser core was added

  • The number of fins in each row was increased 

IceGiant's contract manufacturing partner has experience building millions of thermal modules with similar manufacturing processes as those needed for the ProSiphon Elite. IceGiant has worked closely with this partner for over 5 years, during which, more than 50 unique designs have been developed together.

Number of condenser cores increased from 2 to 3 and #fins in each row increased

2 condenser cores

3 condenser cores

2019 ProSiphon Elite Prototype

2020 ProSiphon Elite

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