IceGiant Titan 360


The IceGiant Titan is here to compete against the best of the very best!

Top-level performance. Unmatched reliability. And a fresh new look to enable the cleanest, sleekest build.

No compromises. You deserve it all.

Embrace a Cooler Future!

  • Enhanced copper evaporator compatible with the latest Intel 1700 and AMD AM5 sockets
  • Upgraded condenser design with twice as many cores as the Elite
  • 360 mm condenser size to maximize CPU performance or maintain great performance at whisper-quiet noise levels
  • FlexTubes that enable wider hardware compatibility and easier access to motherboard/RAM
  • Pumpless design means no internal corrosion or pump failure. No fluid loss over time like AIOs (degrades performance) due to brazed joints and FlexTubes made from stainless steel. Same Day-1 performance year after year after year.
  • 10-year cooler warranty. Longest manufacturer warranty for a CPU cooler in the industry
  • Special pre-sale price of $349.99 USD (MSRP of $399.99).  Pre-sale is U.S. only.
  • We will keep subscribers updated with reviews as they come in this summer/fall and will notify everyone in advance about when the pre-sale price will end. Or check back in on this page.