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ProSiphon Elite

Engineered in Austin, Texas


Embrace a cooler future!

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ProSiphon Elite
ProSiphon Elite

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Elite in chassis front
Elite in chassis front

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ProSiphon Elite
ProSiphon Elite

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ProSiphon Technology
Superior Performance
Extreme Reliability

Designed for the higher heat loads of today’s most advanced chips, IceGiant’s technology deploys a more efficient strategy to battle heat with the use of phase change science.

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There are no internal moving parts in the Elite that could break down.

By relying on good ‘ole gravity to operate rather than a mechanical pump, a prominent failure point of coolers is removed completely.


Cool air flows through the condenser and liquifies the vapor


Gravity drives the liquid back to the evaporator, and the cycle repeats



Heat from the CPU boils liquid inside the evaporator- vapor flows up to the condenser

Furthermore, the ProSiphon Elite does not use water as its cooling fluid.

The most devastating cooler failure that can occur is a water leak, which will destroy your electronics. Instead, the ProSiphon Elite contains a dielectric fluid- electronics could bathe in the fluid and work perfectly fine.

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Best yet, our technology will show day-1 performance on day 3,650.

Our 10-year warranty sets the gold standard for CPU coolers.

(this warranty also covers the 4 low-noise fans that come with each Elite!)

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Click above to see how the ProSiphon Elite compares on a 32-core AMD Ryzen  Threadripper 3970x CPU against a high-end water loop!


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About the ProSiphon Elite CPU Cooler

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Click here for the ProSiphon Elite specifications

  • Only gravity-driven, two-phase CPU cooling solution available 

  • 100% aluminum

  • Brazed into single component- No pump

  • Uses dielectric fluid- No water

  • Compatible with sockets AMD AM4, TR4, and sTRX4; Intel 115x, 1200, 2011/2066, and 1366

  • Included ​

    • 120 mm fans (4x)

    • Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste

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Note, liquid metal cannot be used with the ProSiphon Elite

Click here for all included hardware with each ProSiphon Elite

Recommended for 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen

desktop processors


AMD Tested and Approved!

AMD internal testing has shown IceGiant's ProSiphon Elite meets or exceeds AMD thermal performance requirements for AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processors, and further supports overclocking*.


IceGiant's ProSiphon Elite cooling solution meets or exceeds AMD's cooling requirements for high-end multi-chip packages.

*AMD’s product warranty does not cover damages caused by overclocking or undervolting outside of AMD's published specifications, even when these are enabled via AMD hardware and/or software. GD-26


About IceGiant

IceGiant originally developed the ProSiphon technology to handle the massive heat loads  generated by today's data centers and industrial machinery. 

To date, IceGiant has designed 50+ ProSiphons.

And now, IceGiant has tailored its ProSiphon technology for gamers, creators, and DIY enthusiasts.

Click below to learn about IceGiant's industrial roots

Why Choose the ProSiphon Elite for Your CPU Cooler?

  • Excellent performance

    • ​Overcomes the physical limitations of air coolers

  • Extreme reliability

    • ​ProSiphon technology was originally developed to have zero maintenance in harsh environments

    • No pump = no moving parts to fail

    • No sludge buildup = consistent performance

  • Safety

    • ​No water = no chance of water damage

    • Uses dielectric fluid, cannot harm equipment 


Superior Performance

Extreme Reliability

IceGiant's Gravity-driven, Two-Phase Cooling


How It Works

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Heat from the CPU boils liquid inside the evaporator - vapor flows up to the condenser

How it works- numbering.jpg

 Cool air flows through the condenser and liquifies the vapor 

How it works- numbering.jpg

 Gravity drives the liquid back to the evaporator, and the cycle repeats 

IceGiant's patented ProSiphon technology can handle the most powerful CPUs out there