Invest in a Cooler Future!

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Extreme Performance

Offering extreme performance and plenty of thermal headroom for overclocking, the ProSiphon Elite is for those looking to push their system to the max. Decrease rendering times to increase productivity and increase frame rates to improve your gaming skills.

Unique! Unlike anything else on the market.

IceGiant has developed and patented the technology behind the ProSiphon Elite. As a company, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what's possible and we're just getting started!

Embrace a Cooler Future!

IceGiant has designed the ProSiphon Elite to provide superior cooling and incredible reliability. It's unique, thermosiphon technology utilizes two-phase heat transfer to keep your CPU cool and safe. With an industry leading 10-year warranty, you can rest assured that the ProSiphon Elite will provide many years of day one performance.

Superior Performance Extreme Reliability

ProSiphon Technology

Superior Performance
Extreme Reliability

Designed for the higher heat loads of today’s most advanced chips, IceGiant’s technology deploys a more efficient strategy to battle heat with the use of phase change science.

There are no internal moving parts in the Elite that could break down.
By relying on good ‘ole gravity to operate rather than a mechanical pump, a prominent failure point of coolers is removed completely.

  • Heat from the CPU boils liquid inside the evaporator - vapor flows up to the condenser
  • Cool air flows through the condenser and liquifies the vapor
  • Gravity drives the liquid back to the evaporator, and the cycle repeats
IceGiant's patented ProSiphon technology can handle the most powerful CPUs out there

Best yet, our technology will show day-1 performance on day 3,650.
Our 10-year warranty sets the gold standard for CPU coolers.
(this warranty also covers the 4 low-noise fans that come with each Elite!)


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